I have dedicated my life from an early age to the intelligent evolution of human culture.

I was exposed early on in the cafes, libraries, and student lounges around Harvard and MIT, where I grew up, to pioneering thought in whole system design, ecology, human optimization, health, psyche and spirit, politics, energy policy, and economy, as well as the roots and trajectories of internet technology and its social implications.

Even at that time I viewed these subjects through the lens of solving the most pressing, and perennial challenges our world faces. I continue those studies every day of my life, now some decades, 40 countries, dozens of mentors, and as many projects later.


I have evolved in the ensuing years into becoming a designer. I live design.

As a designer I generate solutions to problems. Real problems.

Often big problems.

And I do it pretty constantly, whether I’m on the job or not.

I’m quite well-informed, and I’m not a polly-anna.

And no, ‘designer’ doesn’t mean I make web sites and logos. But I can. Visual communications and information architecture are really just one finger of two hands of my design skills. Each finger informs the others and all are attached to the same hands, which means I bring coherency across disciplines in my work.

But if you must know if I am a computer-assisted visual designer, I have been designing computer graphics and making page layouts on a Mac since 1984-1985, when I was 8. I used clip art and click-art libraries from their introduction. I made my first logo, that was actually applied on professional business cards and stationary distributed to clients in skyscrapers, when I was 11.

My mentors include some of the very earliest pioneers of digital design.

I have evolved into a generator for design centric/conscious pro-social entrepreneurialism, most often instrumental in distilling the essence of a venture through design on many levels, both for my own projects, and for those of others.

Early on in my professional years I was a senior concept developer and copywriter for the small but potent firms of 360 Degrees in San Francisco, and Tsubo Design in London. I dabbled and payed attention, the creative heads of both agencies being formative in my learning the nuts and bolts of modern digitally-mediated design.


I maintain a comprehensive and unconventional educational path. In the course of this I have had the good fortune to interface very closely with dozens of the leading minds of our era.

I have a library of around 5,000 books covering the gamut of human experience. I feel in the modern era of info connectivity there’s no excuse for me to not know enough about something to have a developed conversation about it.

I basically query new subjects all day, every day.

I did graduate from the renowned and oft-replicated Sudbury Valley School in 1994, after defending my thesis on responsible citizenship. This high school was my most recent ‘formal’ education, and it was quasi formal at best. Its the only “official” certification of any sort that I have.

Since that time I have become a global citizen, having traveled very exposed to 35+ countries of Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the South Pacific, with a strong reach to the people and the landscape, from palaces to favellas.

I have been enmeshed with the super smart and whole-systems-tinged pioneering communities of Hong Kong, New York, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Kathmandu, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Bern, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

I have apprenticed with and discussed the issues with luminaries, thought leaders and masters in many fields: sustainability, the role of the internet in human society and evolution, consciousness, cultural evolution, ecology, economics, neurolinguistics, politics, design, and banking.

I’ve participated in a wide pallette of conferences: social innovation, ecological sustainability, internet privacy, banking, health, education, finance, positive psychology, ayurveda, permaculture, disclosure, and neuroplasticity among many others.

Projects and Work

I am the co-creator, information architect, editor, designer, and publisher of The Open Collaboration Encyclopedia, a 700+ page innovative open-source encyclopedia giving a 101 course in collaborative models as they apply to social, economic, political and organizational systems. I produced that work with Alpha Lo, one of my favorite sparring partners. The book is published, along with other pioneering titles, through Pioneer Imprints, an independent publishing label I founded in 2008, which has released around 10 books in aligned fields.

I have served in positions up and down the spectrum, from production monkey to lead systems designer, to visual identity architect, to strategy guru, to founder and director in organizations dedicated to advancing human ingenuity, responsibility, and consciousness. All with the goal to making system, projects, and products work better for the people that use them.

I been active with the Planetwork group since 2008, one of the original thinktanks on internet issues, and tracked the Internet Identity Workshop. I am pretty well versed in the nuances of the issues around privatized or commons based web and the role of the individual, corporation, and state in the internet. I pay attention to the developments in the security/privacy zeitgeist.

Systems Design

I was the senior systems architect and design strategist in the WOW project, working on opt-in models for distributed grid computing leveraging massively parallel tech and MMOG.

I designed and managed the building of the original tech platform for the Unify movement, aiming to create the largest synchronized meditation in human history. I collaborated in that design with a global-class developer/security expert.

I was senior systems architect for the Galvanizer Project, a commons-based internet social networking system.

I did the original design, brand, look and feel, copy, site and launch material for the Hypothes.is project, a robust web-annotation tool now being beta tested at a number of top universities.

I’ve designed systems for remote learning platforms in immersive environments.

Beyond these I have advised the leadership in early phases of another good handful of internet technology projects.

Ecology and Energy Alternatives

I was the co-founder and original systems, strategy and messaging designer of Artecoop, an international cultural engineering and green technology firm based in Bern, Switzerland. Artecoop occupied a key niche and grew rapidly, though ceased operations in 2007.

With Artecoop I made presentations to the DOE, and various public and private sector bodies regarding renewable energy, sustainability in the built environment, and the aesthetics and design elements of the new energy economy .

I’m well-informed on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) legislation, having shared dialogues with the writer of the legislation. My grandfather was a pioneer of EnergyStar, and my father has worked in the green energy /efficiency field my entire life, most recently for the Clinton Climate Foundation. I track his work closely for years.

In the late 1990‘s (my early 20’s) I served as the communications director and outings coordinator of ABLE Charity, an influential environmental education organization in Hong Kong and was an expert witness in the HK Governments planning commission on their 10-year waste management policy.

I know that a deep relationship with the natural world, and our local flora and fauna, is essential for humans to express their best of all natures, and ultimately to be fulfilled in their cultural life. Colleagues include leading lights in the fields of permaculture, localization, primitive skills, native ways and herbal medicine.

Audio Tech Industry

I worked for 3 years as designer and production assistant for Acoustic Integrity, a technology company in California holding the US rights to the mother patent on Holophonics, the holographic audio recording and reproduction technology of industry fame.

I have served, through Guerilla PR, as a designer and campaign strategist for Dolby, collaborating weekly at HQ with Dolby’s senior marketing and design team.

ZUI’s (Zooming User Interfaces)

I have been tracking ZUI development since 2008. I was at one point one of the most edge-pushing ZUI designers in the US (I’m not sure where things are these days) having the good fortune of being one of Ahead.com’s lead beta testers. Ahead to this day has provided the richest creative opportunities for UI and UX designers in the ZUI field. The Ahead product at certain points evolved along the lines of my laundry list of feature requests and I’ve worked directly with the lead developers.

I was basically the test pilot.

I was pleased to have raised some eyebrows at the Adobe HQ with some of my work at Ahead, doing things in interface design that Adobe couldn’t at the time.

Visual Design

I have designed dozens of brand identities, logotypes, posters, books, cards, and web UI’s. I’ve overseen my material printed on shirts, vans, USB sticks, posters, bags, hangtags, and probably some other things I’m forgetting.

I did a bunch of visual work for the MindTime project, at MindTime.com, including designing a full color and super smart and clean book. I have been discussing and exploring the system with its creator and CEO since 2008.

I was the creative director and original brand and UI designer for Hypothes.is, a live web annotation tool during their Kickstarter campaign which at the time, in 2010, was one of the most successful to date, receiving over $100k.

I was the graphic designer for the causality maps generated by the Synergizer conference, bringing together 60 leading thinkers in the NGO world, while working with Innate Strategies.

I designed a CD packaging, under the auspices of the Queen of Bhutan, for the first available recording of Bhutanese Buddhist nuns chanting their liturgies. The packaging doubled as an altar, and the CD a high RPM prayer wheel. The product was produced for, and sold at, an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.

I have made tens of thousands of units of print items and posters and cards and books that have been distributed. I am also a print production professional to the degree that I can oversee a job to completion, from soup to nuts.

The Living Seed Company

I was and am the brand designer, creative director and packaging designer for The Living Seed Company, a great family-owned organic garden seed company which is now also distributed by Williams Sonoma.

I’ve worked with diverse stable of pro-social entrepreneurial ventures.


I was a founding member of ISDNA, Interspiritual Dialogue in Action, an organization under the Science and Ethics Caucus at the UN, for which I wrote the successful application to the World Congress of Religions in Barcelona in 2003.

I was a senior advisor, campaign writer, web developer, and political communications strategist in the World Peace Center ballot initiative in San Francisco in 2008, a.k.a. the Alcatraz Conversion Project, which was a form of  inter-religious endeavor.

My personal works include huge bundles of experience, practice and study with quite a number of accomplished masters in the Buddhist, Judeo-Christian, Hindu, Sufi and other religious traditions.

I have attended Zikrs, Native American Sun Dances, Catholic Pilgrimages, Hindu celebrations, Purim plays, non-denominational global peace meditations, tribal ceremonies, and secular gatherings on ethics.

Since the late 1990’s, I have practiced more primarily in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and practiced with many of the old lineage masters in addition to their spiritual heirs.


I have edited numerous books and successful theses, both doctoral and masters, as well as a few pop and scholarly articles for print and online magazines and journals.

As the Publisher, Editor, and Book Designer of Pioneer Imprints, an independent publishing label, I present unique and timely works which advance human and cultural consciousness. A number of Pioneer’s authors are reknowned/legendary in their respective academic fields.

Continuing Education

Mostly every day I’m working to improve my skill set. Right now focusing a lot on techniques to lead from behind, and how to manage groups, to really assist individuals, groups, organizations to achieve their good aims, and through them, the world.

I do what I can to stay updated across the board.

Recent year has included close hand study of global security and privacy issues with the old guard of the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Benefit Corporation law with the legal counsel of the original legislation; design thinking at the C.E.R.N. Idea Lab in Geneva, whole system strategy for ocean cleanup with the founders of Project Kaisei, and Biomemetics as applied to the financial system with some of the few people on earth who really know what that means. (archived 2014).

Alden Bevington

My rich experience and collaboration with brilliant, ahead-of-the-wave organizations and thinkers give me a unique depth of perspective of the interrelationship of the human mind and the systems we create, and most importantly how to change these for the better. I am generally sought out for this skill and the vision it provides.

The Culture Generator is the (former) professional vehicle of Alden Bevington, and the umbrella for much of his design and strategy portfolio from 2007 (- 2014).

His work is often optimized by an international network of colleagues, mentors, and production allies; all professionals dedicated to expediting the emergence of a better world. Relevant people from his collaborative matrix are brought together in the service of a project on an ad hoc basis.